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Places Of Interest In & Around Our Village

Heritage Garden & Inukshuk

nukshuk, first found in Northern Canada, served as guides or markers, and means "likeness of a person". Today, they are found along many highways atop a high spot or knoll. Each one is unique because they are built from stones of the land where they are found. The Inukshuk in our Heritage Garden symbolizes unity between all people; a symbol of friendship, leadership and co-operation. Just as each stone is important to the balance of the Inukshuk, so too is every person important to our community. As a marker, may this Inukshuk guide you through our Village and may you come again.

Victoria Trail & Victoria Settlement

Initially an Indian trail running along the banks of the North Saskatchewan River, Victoria Trail winds through picturesque farmland from Hwy 38, southeast of Redwater, to the Victoria Settlement Provincial Historic Site in Smoky Lake County.

In 1999 directional and interpretive signs were installed along the 58 kilometer length of the historic Victoria Trail, the oldest road in Alberta that is still in regular use. Tourists can enjoy all of its charms by picking up a copy of Kalyna Country's Historical Walking & Driving Tour of Victoria Trail guide.

Pine Creek Post Office

As you explore the Victoria Trail, east of Secondary Highway 831, and south of the Village of Waskatenau, watch along the north side of road for the historic Pine Creek Post Office and General Store, built in 1908, by the original Post Master, Sam McDonald. Used as a Post Office, general store and fur trading post until about 1913, the building was used as a private home by the McDonald Family until 1992 when his children sold it to Harold and Margaret West.

The West’s have fully restored the original structure in cooperation with the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation and is now their private residence. Visitors are welcome to photograph the home anytime, but are requested to call for an appointment if they wish to view the inside. Phone (780) 358-2444.

RCMP Memorial Sculpture

A tribute to the original 20 members of the NorthWest Mounted Police who traveled Victoria Trail in 1874 on route to Ft. Edmonton. The sculpture is 12 feet wide, 14.5 feet high, 1 inch think plated steel and was erected by the Victoria Home Guard Society. Hand picked river rocks engraved with each riders' name commemorate the 20 North West Mounted Police Officers, who rode to fulfill the vision of nation-wide police force. Located near Waskatenau, 15 km East from Highway 831 along the Victoria Trail. Contact (780) 358-2208.

Iron Horse Trail

Experience walking, wagon and cycling adventures as well as snowmobile, ATV and horseback riding on the Iron Horse Trail!

The Iron Horse Trail is a most remarkable multi-use recreational corridor, taking its name from its former use as a railroad. Because this corridor has been in existence since the beginning of the twentieth century, the ecology of the Trail is relatively untouched.

The Trail runs through mixed wood forest, farmland, crosses streams and rivers, and skirts lakes. The user of the Trail will find a total of eighteen railroad trestles, those marvels of engineering that have stood the test of time.

The Iron Horse Trail is 278 km long, and runs from Heinsburg in the east to Waskatenau in the west to Cold Lake in the northeast. The trail passes through several rural communities which provide complete services for the traveler. It can be accessed from any town along the route.