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The Village of Waskatenau is located in the east-central Alberta County of Smoky Lake, approximately approximately 100 Km northeast of Edmonton where Highways #28 and #831 intersect. Our Highway location provides direct paved access North to Fort McMurray, the Athabasca Tar Sands Development and East to the Cold Lake Military Air Base. The Heartland Industrial Zone is a half hour drive south on #831. Fort Saskatchewan industrial zone is 40 minutes south on #831.

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Waskatenau is also the gateway and linking hub of the Lakeland and Kalyna Country tourism districts. Scenic Victoria Trail is a 5 minutes from town. Take a drive along the trail and enjoy activities that take place at Métis Crossing during the summer months or for the more adventurous a ride on the zip line. For the ATV enthusiasts the Iron Horse Trail starts in Waskatenau. This trail runs for 177 kilometers to Heinsburg. Sports are enjoyed by many in the Village, Waskatenau is known as the Baseball Capital of Alberta.

Area Overview

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Our residents and organizations are extremely community oriented and our recreational facilities reflect this dedication. Our streets are asphalt and well maintained. Residential areas are neat clean and safe from the higher levels fo crime commonly found in larger centers. Our school offers kindergarden to grade 9 with bus service for high school students to Smoky Lake located 15 minutes north on highway 28. Moderate housing costs incorporated with low property taxation provides a high quality lifestyle in the Village of Waskatenau. You will enjoy living our friendly village.

Economic Base

The vast majority of soil in our area is a rich black loam; consequently, our mixed farming and legume crops provide our agricultural base. Because of our proximity to the Redwater oil fields, many of our residents are associated with the oil and gas industry. The Heartland Industrial zone is a major oil and gas processing center offering tradesmen and production workers employment in modern facilities. Expansions ‘of existing facilities are in progress with a new plant coming on line in the summer of 2017.


Population 268

Area: .6 sq. km

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