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Waskatenau(pronounced WAS-ET-NA) is a Cree word meaning "opening in the bank". To this day, it is a very open and friendly village of 260 residents, proud of its history and spirit.

Anyone here for a weekend or longer should find something of interest, whether it be a bonspiel, a hockey or baseball tournament, a church supper or bingo at the Community Center, Karaoke at a local bar, a card party at the seniors' Drop-in-Center or dinner in a local restaurant.

We hope you enjoy your online tour! Here you will find country life at its best and the baseball capital of Alberta!

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The Longest Game of Softball played was 115 Hours and 3 Minutes at Waskatenau, Alberta, Canada on JUNE 30 - JULY 5, 2009.

Spring is around the corner and as it arrives so does ball season. What nicer way to look forward to summer ball events than to recognize that the long fought for Official Guinness Book of Record Certificate has arrived.

A world record is no small accomplishment. The obvious financial recipients of this accomplishment were the Cross Cancer Institute and the Stollery Children’s Hospital. Home Run for Life I, II, and III donated the quarter million plus dollars raised by the events to these two much appreciated institutions.

The certificate speaks volumes about a village that loves sport and is immeasurably enhanced by volunteers. It took three tries. The idea was proposed in 2004 and in the summer of 2005 forty men played for 80 hours and briefly held the unofficial record before a group in Quebec played 95 hours and 23 minutes. A 2007 attempt recorded play of 108 hours and 3 minutes. But the official record was denied on a technicality. The committee and players used the confidence and knowledge gained to stage the 2009 event, Home Run for Life III.

The forty players who took personal or holiday time to participate in each try were but the tip of the iceberg. Each attempt required a steering committee and the support of hundreds of individuals through business and personal effort. Waskatenau rose to the challenge and present and past members of the community powered the successful event. Home Run for Life III provided opportunity to enjoy the ball games and participate in the fun of numerous events featured. Sore muscles, blisters and sunburn have disappeared. Fatigue has been forgotten. Priceless memories remain for players, volunteers and spectators. Ball games have a decades long history in the community. Add vision, perseverance and the power of volunteers and the Guinness World Record is the end result. Waskatenau has set a great example!

Smoky Lake Signal article March 31, 2010 Volume 32, Number 44

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